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COVID-19 Resources

LynxPoint is committed to providing information and services to help you or your business address the challenges arising from COVID-19. New content will be added regularly.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your personal situation or the continuity of your business during this crisis, we are here to help. We offer a free initial consultationand it can be done over the phone or using video conferencing tools.

How LynxPoint can help your business:

  • Call us to learn about resources available to help you respond to the challenges related to COVID-19.
  • Hear about the latest updates from the CRA and our Federal Government.
  • What can your business do to survive? 
  • What are the best options to you and your employees?
  • Do you have a cash flow plan in place? 
  • Does your business have sufficient funds or access to financing to continue operations?
  • What are the services that can continue and what should be put on hold?
  • Do you have a CRA My Business Account? If you don't, consider signing up. We can show you how.

How LynxPoint can help individuals:

  • Are your worried about your job or have you lost your job?
  • Are you worried about paying your rent, paying your mortgage or putting food on the table?
  • Do you have a cash flow plan in place?
  • Are you familiar with the new benefits from the Federal Government? 
  • Are you expecting a tax refund? File your taxes now and don't leave money on the table! We can help.
  • Do you have a CRA My Account? Apply for one now! We can show you how.